Review Process

Jurnal Pengabdian dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Indonesia conducts the manuscript review process following journal publishing ethics. The research article submitted to this journal will be single-blind and reviewed by at least 2 (two) or more expert reviewers. The reviewers give valuable scientific comments improving the contents of the manuscript. The manuscript review process involves a board of editors and a board of reviewers. The review process includes:

  • Manuscript Template Compliance
  • Plagiarism Check with Turnitin (the similarity must not be more than 30%)
  • File types to be submitted (filetype must be in Word document)
  • Language Compliance
  • Compliance with Author Guidelines
  • Substance Manuscript Content
  • The Integrity of Discussion Topics
  • Found innovations and Novelty
  • And other matters relating to the review process

Reviewers’ Responsibilities


If Editor has invited you to review a manuscript, please consider the following items:

  • Reviewing manuscript critically but constructively and preparing detailed comments about the manuscript to help authors improve their research;
  • Reviewing multiple versions of a manuscript as necessary;
  • Providing all required information within established deadlines;
  • Making recommendations to the editor regarding the suitability of the manuscript for publication in the journal;
  • Declaring to the editor any potential conflicts of interest with respect to the authors or the content of a manuscript they are asked to review;
  • Reporting possible research misconducts;
  • Suggesting alternative reviewers in case they cannot review the manuscript for any reasons;
  • Treating the manuscript as a confidential document;
  • Not making any use of the work described in the manuscript;
  • Not communicating directly with authors, if somehow they identify the authors;
  • Not identifying themselves as authors;
  • Not passing on the assigned manuscript to another reviewer;
  • Ensuring that the manuscript is of high quality and original research;
  • Informing the editor if he/she finds the assigned manuscript is under consideration in any other publication to his/her knowledge;
  • Writing a review report in English only;
  • Authoring a commentary for publication related to the reviewed manuscript.

What should be checked while reviewing a manuscript?

  • Novelty;
  • Originality;
  • Scientific reliability;
  • A valuable contribution to science;
  • Adding new aspects to the existing field of study;
  • Ethical aspects;
  • Structure of the article submitted and its relevance to authors’ guidelines;
  • References provided to substantiate the content;
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling;
  • Scientific misconduct.

The detailed Journal peer review process is based on the following chart:

Publication Process